Flash Fiction Friday – Semi-Charmed kind Of Life

29 Apr

Accidental Bohemian

959_the_nineties_rgb (2)
An excerpt from The Diaries Of Debra Westlake

I’m stuck in traffic and the radio’s on, blaring a commercial for some home security unit or another. Then it plays, flowing out of the speakers with upbeat melodious sounds of Third Eye Blind’s “Semi-Charmed Life” And I think about how I never bought the disc at the time but I liked this song for some reason.

It’s crazy how a piece of music can take me back to where I was when I first heard it. With this one, I’m currently back in the summer of 1997 and I’m 24 again; bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with the world at my feet. I was very young and very hot and I must admit, knowing prime catches—men were swooning over me and my delightfully flirty attitude made my day. God those were the days. Clinton was in office and I had the best pick…

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