Author Interview With Charlie Zero

07 Mar
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1. When did you start putting pen to paper?
It was the beginning of something special. I didn’t know where my poetry at that time would take me. All I knew was I wanted to write poetry, I guess I screwed myself. hahahaha!!!

2. What’s your literary poison – prose, poetry, etc.?
Poetry all the way. For me, poetry cures poison & kills off athlete’s foot. hahahahahaha!

3. Who is your favorite fictional hero?
Easy, Iron Man. He’s always been my favorite superhero since the early 90’s.
And I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

4. Which famous writer can you most identify with?
I’d say, William Gibson. Only because he’s a genius & underrated author. Yes, he may be famous to the Cyber-culture hacker geeks and what not. But his books have proven he’s ahead of everyone else in the future. I recommend ‘Neuromancer’, if you haven’t read it yet. Please buy it.

5. What are your current projects? (*Include books, novellas, short stories, poems, blogs, awards or anything of interest.)
I’m currently working on my 3rd Sci-Fi Chapbook of poems. I’m doing editing work, & doing a collage piece of random images to make it my front cover art. It’s going to be wild.
The poetry itself will blow your mind away. Aside from that – I love blogging on WordPress and sharing my poetry to the world. I always want my readers to step into my brain and let their imaginations run naked.

6. If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book or writing piece?
No. Most of the writings I’ve done are pleasing to my satisfaction.
I’m unconventional and a perfectionist when it comes down to poetry.

7. Do you have any advice for other writers?
Practice writing poetry everyday. Once you find your spark, then you’re guarantee to go mad.

8. What were your grades like in English class? (A, B, anything less than this is shameful 😉
A’S & B’S I feel proud enough. 🙂

9. How much research do you do for your writing?
Here and there. Not that much unless I want to really write something that’s for parody, controversial, or, politically incorrect.

10. Do you write on a typewriter, computer, dictate or longhand?
I either use my desk-top computer, or, get a piece of paper and free write my poetry on paper. I used to have a typewriter back in my days. I’ve used it 10 times, and I stopped. My dad has an old school classic typewriter. He put it away in storage. It’s still here and in good mint condition.

11. What is the best advice you’ve been given?
Hmm??? I can’t really remember who gave me the best advice.
All I know for sure it left me feeling with joy and that I must keep on going with poetry.
I was meant to be here on earth for a purpose and finish what I have to say.

12.  What book do you think everyone should read?
William Gibson – Neuromancer. Frank Herbert’s – Dune. William Burroughs – The Nova Express. That’s as far as I’m willing to share. I have tons and tons of odd books and obscure literature.

13. Two-part question: Do you play an musical instrument? And what instrument would you like to learn to play?
I use to play guitar, & drums. I don’t play those instruments anymore.
I was in 3 project bands back in 2004 til’ 2008. Those 3 projects disbanded.

14. What process did (or are you going) you go through to get your book published?
Well, if I we’re to ever write a book or even get published…I’d have to go through an agent or independent, but that’s a whole other story. I’m going to be realistic here – my work of poetry probably won’t get published til’ I’m dead.  Fate usually works that way with Artist and Poets. Nevertheless, if it ever did happen anytime soon when someone discovers my work. Then awesome! I’ll be happy and I’ll die happy knowing that I accomplish on publishing my first book ever. Not many poets aren’t ready to read my poetry works, it’s way too out there for any minds to comprehend.

15. Who would you like to change places with… i.e. live someone else’s life for a week?
Friedrich Nietzsche. The man was way ahead of his time and he sought a generation that would collapse on its own and be controlled by religious dictators. Plus, he wrote some amazing poetry. I recommend
Dionysian-Dithyrambs by Friedrich Nietzsche

16. If you weren’t a writer, what would be your ideal profession?
Probably doing art designing. Or, be a motorcycle enthusiast.

17. Two-part question: Bill Murray or Chevy Chase? And John Cleese or Michael Palin?
Bill Murray all the way. He’s come along way…and he’s such a respected actor and 
comedian. John Cleese he’s phenomenal, sharp, and always a witty sense of humor
and he’s got some very very nice teeth. hahahaha!

18. What’s your most rewarding literary accomplishment to date (one that just blew your mind!)
Two poems – “
Beethoven Down Syndrome” and “The Alchemy Stretches Its Teeth” These two blew me away just because how far I was able to take it, visually and cinematically.
Plus, The Alchemy Stretches its Teeth gave me a reboot in my writing style and ability and launched my writing career into a whole new level.

19.  What quote do you live by?
“The only way your soul will ignite – is if you press your ears against curiosities chest.
That is true madness waiting to undress inspiration.” ~ Charlie Zero

20. What would be your ideal writer profession ambition? (famous Pulitzer Prize winning author, successful self-published author as a day job, etc.)  
Hmm??? I’ve never been asked this question before. I guess a successful self-published author. Be remembered as someone who challenged the idea of poetry and ripped the very fabric of traditional poetry and made it something that no one has ever read or envision before. I’m what you call unconventional, but no one is laughing.

21. Would you like to ask me a question?
Yes. If you could be any planet, which planet would you be?
Jupiter, hands down.
Many thanks to this talented and unique writer –  Charlie Zero, I look forward to reading more from him soon.

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    What a wonderful interview with an amazingly talented poet

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    Hi! Lisa, Thank you so much for this Interview. You ask very good questions. 🙂

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      Very welcome, thanks for participating!

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    March 10, 2016 at 11:48 am

    C0’s poems are gonna blow up and I can’t wait to watch faces melt along the way.


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