My latest (favorite) review of my book found on Goodreads

20 Oct
Kate Nivison made a comment on her review of Feedback


No one could say this book lacks pace. I went through it as if riding the NYC subway on something stronger than caffeine and having to stay on board until it reached the end of the line because that was the only way I would know where it was going. Reminded me of Woody Allen: ‘I love New York – I’m only leaving because my analyst is leaving.’ Think ‘Sex and the City’ without the pictures. A book for the ‘Me’ generation, with no turn unstoned. Likeable characters, head v heart dilemmas, guilt trips – those who like this sort of read will love it. With its open-ended issues trailing more to come, Feedback could easily be taken up as TV series for when the kids are in bed. Books should only be critiqued for what they set out to do, and this is a very good one of its kind. For something more like a nice cup of cocoa, try my Travelling Light: Short Stories & Travel Writing to Take You Away From it All

Thanks to Kate for this and all the reviews I’ve received thus far. Check all of them by clicking on the links below:

I’m putting the finishing touches on the latest author interview, stay tuned!

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