4 Week Bikini Challenge! Wait, what did I sign up for? Help!

08 May


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My friend has always wanted to do this, and needed a partner in crime for the challenge, so here I am. Which brings me back to the last time I rocked a bikini, you know, where quarters and anything else bounces off you know what! Early 2011, damn… those were the days! Later that year, a hamstring/knee injury, lack of normal workout routine and my obsession with food made me softer around the edges. After maintaining physical therapy, I’m injury free and fit again, comfortably one piece beach worthy. Bikini pool party pin-up? Well that’s another ballgame folks! So how do I get back to where I was without hard core cardio causing injury on my joints? There’s my dilemma and here’s my plan to meet this challenge (let’s hope it works):

Increase my usual strength training, walking and biking
Add light jog sprints
Limit my food indulgences… this one’s going to hurt 😦
And grapefruits, I’m gonna need a lot of grapefruits!

I keep telling myself it’s four weeks, just four weeks… I can do this! I WILL do this! So for inspiration I have turned here — in writing and to the Women’s bodies I wouldn’t mind having (feel free to google and drool) i.e. Jessica Biel, Halle Berry, Marissa Miller, Adriana Lima and of course this lovely Mother of four pictured below, okay maybe she’s been tweaked here and there but she’s still a Superwoman to me! I start tomorrow and may just have the nerve to post a pic of me rockin’ it once again! We’ll see.



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