Inspired Words for a Storyteller

01 Mar

One of the best decisions I’ve made this year, was joining a Writers group. Encircling with other engaging talents, empathizing the highs and lows of writing has been salubrious for me. One of them, John Brennan, sent me this the other night and I was inspired to share with you.

The Storytellers
By John A. Brennan

All writers, musicians and poets in particular, have the uncanny ability to tap into the realm of spirit. It is a gift that enables us to transcend the mundane and experience the world as we see and feel it and know how it should be. We have the ability to turn what to most people, are chaotic thoughts and feelings, into beautiful and meaningful works of art. We are blessed with the grace that enables us to never stray far from our original nature, despite having to live and survive in the material world. We pass on what we have learned through our words, which are the manifestation of our collective knowledge. It is a shamanistic quality which we possess. All cultures revere their poets, none more so than my own, the Irish. We call them Seanacchie (shan-a-key) the storytellers, the bards and the minstrels.

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